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 Accepted: bios

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PostSubject: Accepted: bios   Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:42 pm

Character Name: Monience
Gender: Female
Faction: Dark Plane
Age: 12
Path (warrior, wizard, cleric, rogue, archer): Warrior
Rank: Student

Description: She has bright white hair, red eyes. Normally has her long hair tied back with a black ribbion tied into a bow to remember her mother, who died a while ago. Since she's a student the weapons on her back are nothing more than wooden swords. Her outfit consists of a training uniform that barely protects her body from the rigorous training that she must feel the pain and bruises to understand how to defend herself. She stands at a height of 4'2"

Personality: Although Clumsy and Naive Monience still pushes forward, often forgetting lessons that her teachers train her, she'll go off and do something against their wishes realizing then why they tell her not to do something. Even though she has weapons she rarely uses them dodging her attacker's attempts to kill or harm her quite easily. It makes one wonder why she is a warrior in the first place and not something more agile like an archer or rogue. But none the less she prefers to try and follow her father's footsteps and become a warrior people would remember.

Other:No one really remember's Monience's father, she likes to think they do and tends to live in her own little world where she's well known because of it. She lives alone on the edge of town with no one to really notice her. She often gets over looked but if she does set her mind to something, she surprises a lot of people. Problem is getting her to set her mind to something.
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Accepted: bios
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