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 Home with the Twins: The Deal

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PostSubject: Home with the Twins: The Deal   Mon May 02, 2011 11:58 pm

Pushing open the door to he and his twin's living quarters, Faern breathed in the familiar scent of dried sweat, dried blood, various components for spells and potions, and a very subtle undertone of smoke. An odd combination to many, but to him, it was a place where he could relax for a moment, though it rarely lasted long.

Leaving the door open for his brother, the Wizard made his way further into their home, a place much too large for only two people, but it was the way they liked it. Sighing, Faern made his way across the front room and opened a specially sealed cabinet; one that only he, or his brother, could open. Retreiving the book that translated Under Dark to common, he flipped it open to the last page he had been on and continued on where he had left off, figuring that at least one of them should be fluent so they wouldn't have to stumble over the barbaric words in an attempt to make the pitiful people of the city understand them. Made them all seem like unintelligent insects, and made him want to interact even less than he already did.

"Lu'oh mzil zhu'lect dos delmah nindol draeval, dalninuk?" he asked, refering to the other's fangirls as the Warrior passed through the doorway.
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Home with the Twins: The Deal
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