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 Monsters of Credible Distinction

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PostSubject: Monsters of Credible Distinction   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:33 pm



A large, spider-like creature with six legs, and a scorpion-like tail. The upper part of it's body is more humanoid-esque, and is draped in a heavy cloth, which shields it head from any light source. With six eyes, and a large mouth, they are fearsome creatures that forcibly repress magic of the Dark Plain with a low keening sound that they emit with their undeveloped vocal chords.


Giant, centipede-like creatures, Consumers can grow to over 30 feet long by the time they reach adulthood. Two rows of primary legs sprouting from either side of it's body, with two rows of secondary legs placed in between, allow for fast movement and maneuvering abilities, and hoist the body to a maximum of two feet off of the ground. Two crab-like pincers at the frontal-most part of it's body and acid spewed from it's mouth enable the creature to tunnel at an alarming rate, and the three rows of teeth contained in it's huge maw can easily break down and consume even the hardest materials. It's four eyes and censors allow it to see easily in the dark. These creatures penetrate the walls of Nagreon with the greatest ease, and should be approached with caution. Despite their size, they can move with extreme stealth, as well as being able to crawl up and along walls to avoid detection.


These monsters have a mere four legs, but also have an ability that can get it to qipe out an entire squadron on it's own. It's two heads, facing opposite directions, are covered on either side by a thick shell which is impenetrable. Each of the four legs also has this shield. They're particularly slow when moving, having to carry the extra weight of their protection, but once they have found their target, their body lowers and begins to spin rapidly, the shields on their legs becoming deadly, spinning blades.


Deathbones are the grunts of the myriad of monsters; no mental functions, and they don't feel pain, so they're impossible to stop unless they are burned to a crisp or borken until they can't move. Making up the bulk of any army, they can be heard from a ways away because of the clattering of their exposed bones. Their heads are like those of any carnivore, including the muzzle and elongated teeth, and their hands have both human fingers and overly large claws which stick out over stop. Some have tails, some have rotted wings which cannot be used to fly, and some do not. They use their teeth, claws, and any weapon they are holding to attack their foes.

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Monsters of Credible Distinction
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