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 Accepted: Val'Thaeiv (AdminKohr)

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PostSubject: Accepted: Val'Thaeiv (AdminKohr)   Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:00 pm

Character Name: Val'Thaeiv
Gender: Male
Faction: Dark Plain
Race: Drow
Age: 22
Path: Archer
Rank: 1st Division

Description: Though he has the customary obsidian skin and white hair of the Drow race, white runes skitter across his skin, twisting to gather on his arms. Because of these, having formed on his skin after he had been forcibly joined with magic he did not use, Val'Thaeiv is able to summon a bow of grey energy, arrows materializing whenever he needs to fire.

Standing at 6'6", as is the customary height of male Drow, Val'Thaeiv is less average in several other aspects of his appearence. Besides the runes, he keeps his hair tied back in a ponytail at mid-height instead of leaving it loose or cutting it off as males usually do in his people. Instead of the white eyes seen in all Drow, his have been dulled to a murky grey because of the magic-joining.

Personality: Val'Thaeiv generally keeps to himself, but when approached by others, he will gladly speak to them. He likes to visit the Academy; watch the commencing lessons and remember his childhood. He longs for an apprentice of his own, but knows that few would ask him for such a thing. The time not spent wandering the dark city of Nagreon is used patrolling the Outer Edge for the creatures that roam there, staying close to Camp Hei'Luth to help protect those within.

Loyal to his new God, Val'Thaeiv only remains so that he can help Xelveth reclaim his Throne. Otherwise, he would spend his time roaming the land beyond the Outer Edge, unable to return to the surface because of the binding circle placed over them by the Humans and Sun Elves.

Other: Is also quite adept with a blade. He had planned to be a rogue, and so was trained in stealth, but his talent for archery caught a Judicator's eye who corrected his Path.
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Accepted: Val'Thaeiv (AdminKohr)
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