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 Accepted: Devora

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PostSubject: Accepted: Devora    Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:13 pm

Character Name: Devora
Gender: Female
Faction: Dark Plains
Race: Drow
Age: 26
Path: Rogue
Rank: 2nd Division
Description: She stands at 6'4, her build mostly hidden away by layers of clothes. Her choppy white hair is short, boyishly so. Her eyes are a deep emerald green. Her dark skin is marked with many scars that reveal countless battles - an x on her forehead, a vertical slit on the left side of her lips, a gash along her chin, two thin lines across her upper jaw, a slit in her right ear - and the rest of her body has earned more then she can keep track of at this point.

She wears a black top, sleeveless, except for the metal shoulder armor attached. Also attached to the shirt is a hood. Around her neck, she wears a thick leather collar. Elbow length gloves conceal most of her arms - the knuckles have metal spikes embedded into them and metal plates on the back and up the side work as a secondary defense. She keeps a shortsword in a sheath strapped to her back, overlapping a long broadsword that's over half her own height. On the thick belt at her waste, she carries a pair of medium sized twin knives at either hip.

A long, heavy, weather worn black sash around her waste falls to her knees and conceals a chain whip that's hooked to her pantleg at the thigh. Inside of a hidden pocket between the black leather, strap & buckle adorned top and thin chain mail beneath it, she keeps a small dagger. Strapped to the outside of the top across the chest is yet another dagger - this one curved slightly. Across her forehead and tied in the back is a black strip of cloth. Another bandanna of the same material is tied around her neck and serves the propose of masking half of her face - her nose and mouth - at a whim. Her heavy black, above knee length boots are lined with armor, buckles and straps, but more importantly, two dozen throwing knives strapped to and spread over both boots.

Personality: She's rough, to the point, and merciless when it comes to killing someone who's a threat to herself or Sharastia or has the mind to challenge her. She carries little emotion towards people and cares even less about what they think of her. She's impatient and is almost always doing something, she doesn't care much to stand around and wait on anything.

She's immediately cold to almost any man she crosses paths with and has little respect for them or anyone for that matter, rarely offering you so much as a side glance. Get on her bad side and chances are you'll go home with her insignia carved into your flesh. She doesn't open up much, but if you manage by chance to gain her respect, her trust and you're lucky enough to have her call you "comrade", she'll be much more willing to talk. Or if you can get her into a bar, a guilty pleasure of hers.

Other: None
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Accepted: Devora
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