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 Accepted: Sharastia

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PostSubject: Accepted: Sharastia   Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:10 pm

Character Name: Sharastia
Gender: Female
Faction: Dark Plains
Race: Moon Elf
Age: 21
Path (warrior, wizard, cleric, rogue, archer): Cleric
Rank: 1st Division
Description: She's stands at 5'5, above average for a moon elf woman, with a fit, fairly curvy build. Her straight blonde hair falls almost to her waste and skirts the sides of her narrow, light maple eyes.

She usually dresses lightly, wearing a long leather cloak when it's night and colder out. Her garments of choice are colorful - wearing a bright flowy red, orange and yellow skirt that sweeps all the way to the ground, slitted to her hip on one side. Underneath she wears black shorts and a thick brown belt sits on her waste. Most of the time, she goes without wearing shoes, the only thing on her feet are the gold anklets. Her shirt is a strapless white, orange & yellow corset style top with leather laces all the way up. Gold cuffs adorn her upper arms and finally, her neck is graced with gold chain necklace that carries a red stone sphere.

Personality: To sum it up, Shara is friendly, kind and gentle. Her love for all things living drove her to become a cleric at a young age. She's slow to judge, hard to anger and quick to forgive with an unrivaled amount of patience to boot. Soft spoken and sympathetic to all, she's always willing to cheer someone who's down up or have a friendly conversation. She's loyal to her leaders and friends and dreams to see the upper earth before the end of her lifetime.

Despite being a skilled cleric, she couldn't correctly hold a weapon to save her life and her soft hands weren't made for fighting, nor could she handle the thought of killing another creature.

Other: Devora is her traveling companion and bodyguard.
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Accepted: Sharastia
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