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 Roleplaying Style Faults

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Style Faults   Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:39 pm

Here, you can feel free to be brutually honest about another person's RP style. If they have an area that they need to improve on, or something is bugging you about the way in which they RP, please post a KINDLY WORDED CRITIQUE that contains constructive critisism and suggestions for improvement. If I find any harassment, name-calling, or just general insults with no real intention to help, the comment will be deleted and the person will be banned.

Remember, we're all a type of screwed up family here, and we only want to help you improve yourself. Anything and everything that is said here is for everyone's benefit. We are not nagging, we are not insulting, we are not putting you down. We are simply suggesting ways to improve the way you RP. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Roleplaying Style Faults   Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:30 pm

Alright, I'll post. I don't really feel like I'm one to talk but here goes. Please don't take offense, I'm just going to try and help you guys to be better roleplayers! And if you want to take a whack at my style, be my guest, I openly accept the criticism.

RAIKO! I choose you! Alright, so first, lets look at the positives!

STRONG POINTS; you're a fast replier which is always a big plus. You're good at getting yourself into the group so your character doesn't lurk around by himself long, which I think is a big bonus. You're pretty good at interacting, which is probably the most important thing in my book. You already know the basics, which of course is great because we don't have go through the painful process of pointing out obvious rules. See? You're not that bad. BUT, you have some faults, and that's OK! Everyone starts somewhere right? And even skilled roleplayers still have faults. Some roleplayers gain experience slower than others, and from what I've seen, guys usually aren't as good as girls to begin with. No offense, it's just from what I've seen.

WEAK POINTS; first off, grammar. Work on capitalization, punctuation, and overall spelling. Everybody makes mistakes when they type, and that's fine. But there are a lot of programs with automatic spellcheckers that you can use to do some of the work for you, even if you're not the best writer. Secondly, you can be just a bit too pushy when it comes to other peoples replies. Not everybody here is as fast as you are! Another thing is that your characters need to be more aware of their surroundings and the other people around them [instead of just focusing on one person, mostly thinking of Melanie here haha]. Work on adding a little more filler to your replies. Example;

Ash said "hello".

Ash walked forward, smiling slightly and said "hello".

Just little details can make it go a long way. Also try to keep a consistent one or two paragraphs for your reply. Sometimes that's really hard when you get writers block but you'll get the hang of it. Most importantly, don't give up on us! You have loads of potential to be a great roleplayer and I'd love to keep RP'ing with you!

Alright DANNI, it's your turn!

STRONG POINTS; you have a good reply speed, which again is a great thing. You know all of the rules of roleplaying and you're pretty literate and good at keeping consistently well sized posts. You're observant of your surroundings. And I hate doing this, but now, it's time for your weaknesses..

WEAK POINTS; as great as getting yourself out there is, I've seen a couple of occasions where you tend to abruptly shove your way into some situations instead of easing in or waiting for a good opening. I've noticed your characters tend to draw a LOT of attention to themselves, which is OK in moderation but you do it quiet often. Finally your characters seem to be a little too perfect. Both of your 12 year old's are just way too smart, far too wise beyond their years for their age - and too good at everything they do. A little smarter then average would be OK but they know far too much about their surroundings, right down to being able to sum someone up with just a glance and talking about almost everything as if they've lived for hundreds of years. It just seems a little too unrealistic for a character, especially of that age. They need more balance and faults. Other then that you're a great roleplayer, just need to look these things over a little bit!

Again not trying to attack anybody, just trying to bring faults to mind and again, if you want to rip apart my RP style be my guest. I'll add the others RP'ers later possibly unless someone else wants to do them.
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Roleplaying Style Faults
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