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 Accepted: Yanil Shiarisei (AdminKohr)

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PostSubject: Accepted: Yanil Shiarisei (AdminKohr)   Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:37 pm

Character Name: Yanil Shiarisei
Gender: Male
Faction: Dark Plain
Race: Halfbreed; Half Aranetil, half Moon Elf
Age: 16
Path (warrior, wizard, cleric, rogue, archer): Wizard, though everyone thinks he's a Rogue
Rank: Apprentice

Description (picture or paragraph are accepted):

Yanil, being a halfbreed, contains traits from both the Aranetil, and the Moon Elves. His skin is a dark goldenrod color, and his shaggy, jagged-cut hair is obsidian black. However, he lacks the prominent features of the Aranetil race; the mandibles growing from his cheeks, and the legs that are supposed to protude from his shoulders. Instead, he retains the pointed ears of the Moon Elves, though they are shorter than they are on a pure elf, and his eyes are a pastel purple color, that is more common to his elven heritage. Standing at a height of 5'10" for his young age, he is sure to exceed the regular height common to both sides of his family. Having a lithe build enables him to use his hyperactivity to it's greatest advantage; dodging anything and everything an opponent can throw at him. Because of this, and the fact that he rarely uses magic, near everyone, except his teachers and trainer believe that he is a Rogue at first glance, or even when watching him in combat.

Outfit: Another thing that makes people consider the teen to be Rogue more than Wizard is what he wears; form-fitting black vest and shorts with silver-threaded designs (magical enhancements, to make them more durable), tight black boots the rise to a stop just below his knees, leaving them open to the cool air of the Dark Plain, black armbands around each wrist, and a special something for this hands that he designed himself; black leather fingertips for each hand, with small bits of metal rubbed into the fabric, so that he can better control lightning.


Yanil is incredibly hyperactive; he barely sits down for a moment, or even walk normally. Instead, he bounces around, weaving between people and spinning in place, sometimes ending up walking on his hands just to remember what the world looks like from so far down. He's almost acrobatic, with the way he can move, maneuver and manipulate his body, like the impossible contours of a lazing cat. He uses these to his advantage in battle, pissing off his opponents when they never able to land a hit on him, and yet he's chattering away as if he weren't being attacked. Also incredibly friendly, when you first meet him, he'll spout off about three dozen questions in a single breath, not letting anyone get a word in edge wise before he moves on to another topic or question. The only thing that interrupts him on his tangents is when he calls out to one of his ever-numerous friends.

Still, despite his over-friendliness and hyperactivity, he knows when to be quiet, when to give condolences, even when to just sit a listen because someone needs to talk. He could never empathize, growing up with two loving parents, but he knows when people need to be heard...even if, through it all, he probably smiling and nearly quivering with pent up energy.

Yanil is also incredibly curious, and will ask questions about something if he's interested, but he was raised correctly and would never invade on something personal. All in all, nearly two thirds of the city know Yanil and love him; it is certainly rare to find such child-like innocence in someone who has already reached their mid-teens. The only one who can seem to grab and keep the boy's attention at all times, besides his parents, is his trainer. Still, if he considers you a friend, you'll know it from the way he always has time for you.

Some whisper that there is another side to Yanil. If pissed off in or outside of combat, his eyes have been known to go startlingly blank, losing the spark they always hold, and his grin develops a twinge of bloodlust to it. It disappears almost instantly, especially after he lands a hit on the other person, but anyone paying close attention would notice that his laugh had a little less humor and little more of something else...

Other: As stated before, because of his lithe stature, tendancies to dodge, and habit of practically never using magic, everyone who meets Yanil think he is a Rogue until told, or shown, otherwise.

Also, the color of Yanil's eyes, and for a better idea of his skin;

Eyes are the color of the peace sign
Scroll down for the Dark Goldenrod color; Skin
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Accepted: Yanil Shiarisei (AdminKohr)
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