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 Accepted:bio: Kazon D'ymeria

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Raiko jinatsu


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PostSubject: Accepted:bio: Kazon D'ymeria   Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:33 am

Character Name : Kazon D'ymeria

Gender :Male

Faction :Dark Plain

Race :Drow

Age* :22

Path (warrior, wizard, cleric, rogue, archer):Cleric

Rank** :D4

Description (picture or paragraph are accepted):

Personality: he is very kind,sweet,generous and giving of himself,he would gladly help out anyone that asked for it. he loves to be around talkitive people and is also kinda talkative himself

Other :covered in scars and ritualistic tattoos,doesnt use weapons,tries to resist fighting as much as possible
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Accepted:bio: Kazon D'ymeria
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