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 Touranemt injuries[and looooooots of them]

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Raiko jinatsu


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PostSubject: Touranemt injuries[and looooooots of them]   Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:35 am

Vorac stumbled into the room sluggishly,trying not to much to much from the large gash on his back,slumping down onto one of the beds there "Ehnn.. shouldnt...of....entered.. so much pain..." he groaned out pathetically as he watched the nurses and clerics walk by,before being situated himself


Kazon muttered to himself,noting his younger brother all battered,smirking at him "From the tourny,no?" he mused as vorac grumbled at him "Ill take that as a yes.. hehehe" he grinned,then started to heal him,taking his sweet time
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Touranemt injuries[and looooooots of them]
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