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 Accepted:Bio: Varoc Ty'Kazon

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PostSubject: Accepted:Bio: Varoc Ty'Kazon   Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:06 pm

Character Name : Varoc Ty'Kazon
Gender: Male
Faction: Dark PLains
Path (warrior, wizard, cleric, rogue, archer):Wizard
Rank**: apprentice

Description http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=Drow&order=9&offset=120&offset=168#/d23pov

Personality: is very much a bookworm,not really socializing with very many,sticking to a collect few,he doesnt talk much once you meet him,but over the course of a long while he'll slowly begin to open up to you,but is very sensitive to criticizim,he doesnt have much self esteem or confidence so any hacking at his ego take a big effect on him.

Other: has a habit of backfiring when he casts spells,is somewhat covered in light burns,the ends of his hair are a result of his back firing fire spells. he almost always has his purple cloak on,using it to hide his slightly burnt face.
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Accepted:Bio: Varoc Ty'Kazon
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