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 Accepted:Bios: Jaerk

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Raiko jinatsu


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PostSubject: Accepted:Bios: Jaerk   Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:00 am

Character Name : Jaerk [pronounced jayerk]
Gender :Male
Faction :Dark Plains
Race : Drow
Age* :16
Path (warrior, wizard, cleric, rogue, archer) warrior
Rank** :apprentice
Description (picture or paragraph are accepted) :[what he looks like,excluding the bow]

Personality : He is kinda quiet at first,can be timid if being scolded,but once he is used to the person he becomes very outspoken,to the point of being stubborn,he has a bit of a temper but is otherwise very kind and friendly,loves to joke around and be silly.

Other :he can be very lazy at times. but more then likely he is a very hard worker,tho can be picky at what he does,plus he has an abominable appetite,being able to eat and eat and very rarely becoming full due to his abnormal metabolism. he stands at 5'6" weighing 170lbs. he secretly practices very basic healing magic,and sometimes loses control of his temper and goes into a fit of psychotic rage
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Accepted:Bios: Jaerk
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