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 Accepted: Killian and Faern Sea'an (Knil and AdminKohr)

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PostSubject: Accepted: Killian and Faern Sea'an (Knil and AdminKohr)   Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:04 pm

Character Names: Killian Sea'an (Knil) & Faern Sea'an (AdminKohr)
Gender: Male
Faction: Dark Plain
Race: Drow
Age: Appear to be 21. Actual age unknown
Path: Warrior and Wizard respectively
Rank: Champions


Faern (this is ah....a bit more complex):
Basic Appearence, including outfit
Arm bands only
Hair is parted on the right side, with two strands with beads tied to the end hanging over his left eye.



Killian is exactly what he looks like, but much more as well. He is a hardend warrior with battle scars riddeling every part of his body, each holding a story of his brave escapades in war with his brother. He had been known for being a hardened General of the armies of Old, his ruthless nature and tendancy to be over protective were well renowned but those days are rarely seen now. If one found Killian now they would find a man with mischief glinting in his eyes, a playful banter waiting on the tip of his tongue and a flirtaious wink for everything with a heartbeat. One thing that has seemed to stay with him for so long is his fierce protectivness, but now and only for his twin brother.

After having to deal with his twin brother for their extended lifetimes and frequently fought wars, Faern's developed a tremendous amount of patience....for his brother only. However, it's made him incredibly short-tempered wth anyone else, and his ruthless and cold-hearted nature from past battles still stands. Many regard his slim stature to mean weakness, but he is every ounce as powerful as his scarred twin, though on the opposite side of the spectrum; his strength lies in his magic, which he uses at any and all costs to protect Killian. He may not've been named a proper General as his brother was, but his skill and prowess in battle were recognized by his peers, and he was given control of the magic casters. Now, with nary a scar to his body, he has become quiet and withdrawn around anyone except his twin.

Other: They understand and speak very little Common.
Twin war heroes from ancient times, they were the ones many parents used to whisper stories about to their children when laying in bed, but that was far too many years ago and soon their legend was lost amongst so many others. Now, they are regarded as little more than anyone else, only their Champion rankings gaining them recognition. Still, their legend can be found in stories, voices of the elders and and in a great tapistry

Killian on the left, Faern on the right.
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Accepted: Killian and Faern Sea'an (Knil and AdminKohr)
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