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 Accepted: Bios:Kituki

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PostSubject: Accepted: Bios:Kituki   Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:52 pm

Character Name: Kituki
Faction: Dark Plains
Race: Halfbreed. (Half Drow\Half Moon Elf)
Path (warrior, wizard, cleric, rogue, archer): Warrior
Rank**:First Division
Description (please provide a written description as well if you intend to use pictures.): Kituki is a half breed that recently came out of hiding. Though she looks more like a drow, her height at 5'2" says she's of Moon Elf Heritage. She has white hair covering one eye, and tied off behind her. Her eyes are blue. She wears form fitting leather With metal protecting her chest, hips, wrists and lower legs.
Personality: Kituki has a kind personality but isn't afraid to draw her swords or daggers if a threat is nearby. Raising to 1st Division quite quickly, she was trying to reach watcher rank like Derris did, but when she realized what she was sacrificing she quickly pulled back and settled into first Division. In battle she freely switches between her daggers and swords using the different styles she's learned. Originally she was trained as a rogue but when her path was sensed she was quickly set upon the path of Warrior. Her daggers on her hips are of intricate design and connected to each other by a rope. a dragon swirls around each hilt of her weapons, and like the blade of her swords, her daggers are black in the left hand on the blade, and white in the right hand on the blade. When meeting someone new she usually has a scowl on her face, but it can turn into a smile if it's someone she comes to like.
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Accepted: Bios:Kituki
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