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 Accepted: Seidra (AdminKohr)

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PostSubject: Accepted: Seidra (AdminKohr)   Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:07 pm

Character Name: Seidra (say-dra)
Gender: Female
Faction: Dark Plain
Race: Aranetil
Age: 16
Path: Rogue
Rank: Apprentice

Description : Seidra is extremely slender, to the point of being almost stick-like. No one knows the reason for this, as she eats healthily, just like everyone else. People use her build to their advantage, often picking on her, pushing her around and calling her names.

Her lighter-than-average skin is something rarely seen among her newly altered race, and so while everyone is wary of her, they still treat her as one of their own. Sparkling blue eyes peer out from beneath roughly cut black hair, her mostly-developed mandibles accenting her already-prominent cheek bones. She stads at a height of 5'9", exceeding the average height of females for her race by a whole two inches, adding her long and lanky build, the spike-esque legs sprouting from her shoulder blades standing straight but still shorter than her height.

Personality: Though she may be a bit gangly, and lets others pick on her, Seidra doesn't fight back, and it doesn't affect her mentality. She had expected to be picked on, and so won't blame the people who do it, even if she didn't deserve it. Not speaking unless spoken to first, people think she is a generally quiet individual, but when asked about something she is passionate about, she speaks openly, ranting and raveing until she is forced to take a breath. Even with this little quirk, she listens seriously to other people's problems, tries to help in any way she can, and generally takes on their opinions as her own and fighting for them.

She's quick with a blade; not the best rogue around, but she knows when to keep quiet, and when to strike. She's still looking for a trainer.

Other: Though faithful followers of Xelveth, her parents were both killed in an attack on the city. This has caused her to question the new God, and instead turning back to secretly worship Syndrex, just as the rest of her people did, but to a more extreme extent for herself. She now lives with her grandmother.
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Accepted: Seidra (AdminKohr)
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