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 Accepted: Xeii

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PostSubject: Accepted: Xeii   Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:28 pm

Character Name: Xeii Selfvar
Gender: Male
Faction: Dark Plains
Race: Moon Elf
Age: 26
Path: Rogue
Rank: 3rd Division

Description: Height wise, Xeii is just a little above average for a Moon Elf, standing at 6'00", with a thick, strong build and square jawline. His narrow, nonchalant eyes range between shades of grey, shifting gradually with seasons and emotions. His straight, shoulder length jet black hair is chopped evenly at the ends. On a rare occasion he'll put it into a tail in the back, letting the majority of it fall lazily at either side of his face.

He keeps his clothing mostly simple. One silver hoop earring pierces his left ear. Around his neck is a black collar with a silver crescent & star charm. He wears chain mail beneath a thick grey, black trimmed sleeveless shirt that clings to his figure. The collar of his shirt is slitted slightly in the middle and stands up almost to his chin.

His pants are black and baggy, tucked into his almost knee length boots. His boots are made of a thick black leather. Straps and buckles running from the bottom up fasten them on tightly and a steel toe is built onto the front of them.

Personality: Xeii prefers to keep his thoughts and emotions to himself. His expression and eyes are melancholy, and far off, as if he's constantly spacing out. Though he can be protective, kind and wise, he's not afraid to harm you if it's necessary.

Other: Xeii is skilled in physical battle. He's studied pressure points and key zones for knocking someone cold in mere seconds. When he uses a weapon, it's his staff, named Sixtus. Sixtus is is short, roughly 2 feet, when not in use. Though it can be lengthened on a whim for longer ranged combat. When left at it's neutral, short state, all you see is the iron grip and it's decorations. When full length, the sleek, heavy black pole is revealed and the iron grip sits in the center. Silver patterns are carved into the staff, and the ends of the staff are heavy iron orbs with further decorations.

His sheath is merely a belt with a short white ornate tube - the end of the staff sticks out the end so it can be drawn quickly. Depending on the situation, he'll wear his sheath over his shoulder or around his waste.
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Accepted: Xeii
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