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Centuries ago, following the War of the Final Sun, the races of Drow, Moon Elf, and Aranetil were driven underground by the winning faction; exiled from the Upper Earth for eternity.

Deep beneath Anin'Toril's crust, the Exiled were found by a God by the name Xelveth. He had been usurped from his Throne of Pride and Greed and driven into the Dark Plain, just as they were. He promised the banished races redemption, and they gladly followed him.

Centuries have passed, and those that were banished have formed themselves a new world in the Dark Plain. Still though, they hunger for what had been taken unjustly from them. And Xelveth has promised that their time is almost upon them. All that remains that keeps them from the Upper Earth, is the Binding Circle.


The Upper Earth:
(Not available to play)

Sun Elves

As hinted at by their name, Sun Elves draw their power from the sun and are at their strongest during the Summer Solstice. Their fair skin and light hair make them appear almost delicate, but their wizardry is nearly uncontested as the strongest. Allied with the Humans in the War of the Final Sun, they fought from their city of Savvnesh and easily drove the opposing forces back with the combined power of spells and magically glyphed weapons.

Sun Elves are cool and calculating, not unlike the Drow that they forced under, and it was this steel-edged intellect that won them the War, for they knew that they could not take the three races at once from head on. Instead, while their warriors and wizards were forcing the enemy lines back, a small force of Sun Elves snuck behind their enemy's lines and took out the Power Temples that helped the Exiled channel their magic from the Inbetween. Having taken out the magic aiding the opposing side, the Sun Elves easily won the battle and began the ascent into power.

Average height Male: 6'4"
Average height Female: 5'7"


It is still unsure why the Humans sided with the Sun Elves during the War of the Final Sun, but there is no doubt that they were the extra force needed to bring their allies to victory. Humans, as the most adaptable race, were an asset the Sun Elves couldn't afford to lose.

Armed with magic, weapons, and skills the other races could not use, the Humans drove the enemy forces towards the Sun Elves, forcing them to choose from death by battle, or death by cowardice. They knew that the soon-to-be exiled would never run, and so the plan worked with few setbacks. There was a time, when the enemy forces fought in both directions to distract the Sun Elves and Humans, that a small tingent of Drow Assassins had begun an attack on the Human's city, Fardel. This caused a momentary distraction, and almost won them the war. But the Humans chose to make their city a sacrifice and drove the other faction to it's fate. Now, they reside within the walls of Savvnesh as they slowly rebuild their city to it's former glory.

Average height Male: Varies
Average height Female: Varies

Both racess have chosen to worship the Goddess Calneer; She who commands the Throne of Lust and Envy.

The Dark Plain:
(Available to play)


Considered by some to be a cross between the Sun Elves and their half-relatives, the Moon Elves, Drow are unmatched by any in melee combat. Their black, hardened skin require them to wear little armor when they rush headlong into battle, and their adeptness allows them to wield several weapons while in combat; able to switch from a dagger to a staff to a battle chain at will.

After the fall of their city, Teldren, the Drow became nomads; roaming from plain to plain in search of a new home, or a place to create one. After centuries of wandering, they were found by the Moon Elves and taken into their midst. Because of their kindness, when the Moon Elves were first attacked by the Humans, the Drow stood and fought, helping them to beat off the foe, if only for a short time.

Average height Male: 6'6"
Average height Female: 6'1"

Moon Elves

Though half-relatives of the Sun Elves, the Moon Elves are close to complete opposites of their cousins. They draw their power from the moon, and are strongest during the Winter Solstice. Where Sun Elves are strategic, Moon Elves are impulsive, calling on their Goddess, Preitem, for luck. After the War was lost, their Goddess abandoned them, and the Moon Elves became silent and withdrawn.

Gifted with grace, Moon Elves use battle dances to fight, curving moon beams around their skin to form it into armor and weapons with a power word. Some believed they absorb the moonlight to explain the pale tone and slight translucency of their skin. Though not as adept in spell-casting as their half-relatives, Moon Elves can easily down a foe with a single spell at close range, sacrificing variety and longevity for power. During the War, they allied themselves with the Drow and fought to defend their city of Hilve, and succeeded. But though they won the battle, the War and their freedom were lost.

Average height Male: 5'11"
Average height Female: 5'2"

Basic Image (Excess legs; Add mandibles to the cheeks)

Cursed and abandoned by their former God, the Aranetil are shunned from most societies. Mutations formed on every Aranetil when their God, Sydrex, accused them of blasphemy, and cursed them with an appearence that would cause all others to turn their backs on them. The Aranetil see their alterations as blessings; the six spider legs attached together by webbing that sprouted from the Aranetil's shoulder blades were made of a near-indestructible organic material and could be used as both weapons and armor. The two pincer-like mandibles that grew from their cheekbones to rest at the tips of their mouthes made them deadly in close combat; the poison contained within their hollow tips fatal to any and all creatures.

When the War of the Final Sun began, the Aranetil refused to pick a side, claiming that their skill in ranged and close combat would be wasted. But when the Moon Elves travelled to their home city of Carethesh to plead for their help, the Aranetil saw that they could finally be needed again and accepted the Moon Elves plea. Thought their addition helped in the final battle, in the end, all was lost, and they were forced from their home.

Average height Male: 5'11"
Average height Female: 5'7"

The three races, after being exiled, have chosen to worship the banished god Xelveth; He who commands the Throne of Pride and Greed.


The Sin Gods (Major)

Xelveth is the God of Pride and Greed. He and his siblings controlled the Sins and spread them evenly acros Anin'Toril. One day, Calneer usurped him with help of the minor Gods and banished him to the Dark Plain. Imprisoned, he waited for the day that the exiled would come to him.

Being the God of Pride and Greed, Xelveth was enraged when he was cast out. Cruel and calculating, but infinitely patient, he rewards his most faithful followers and disposes of those who are useless to him.
All posts will be in this color

Calneer is the Goddess of Lust and Envy. After gathering several of the minor Gods, she cast aside her brother and tried to take his Sins. The power of four was too great, and she was driven partially insane, spurring the War of the Final Sun in her lust to make the surface her own.

As Goddess of Lust and Envy, Calneer favours men over women, believing that they can fulfill her. Marrige is forbidden on the Upper Earth; those who try will be slaughtered or banished, as Calneer cannot have a husband of her own. Extremely capricious emotionally, she can go from calm and charming to enraged in the next second. Most of her subjects worship her out of fear.
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The third major God Relcian, who commands the Throne of Sloth, Wrath, and Gluttony, brother to Xelveth and Calneer, has not revealed himself from his domain in over 4000 years.
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Minor Gods (Mentioned)

Preitem, Goddess of Battle

Previously worshipped by the Moon Elves, Preitem turned her back on them when they lost the War of the Final Sun. Preitem is vain, and expects perfection from her subjects. Being Goddess of Battle, a loss in any fight in unacceptable and is met with hostility and abandonment.

Sydrex, God of Spiders

A unforgiving, mistrustful God, Sydrex is wary of all followers, even the most loyal. He only ever feels secure in their worship when they die and are brought into his realm to be with him eternally. Sydrex accused the whole race of Aranetil of blasphemy and cursed them with what he believed were appearences of the damned. Cruel as he was to them, the Aranetil still secretly worship him, and revel in the chance to prove themselves when they return to the Upper Earth.

Minor Gods (Unmentioned)

Yeljiir, God of Stone

Calm and bordering on lazy, Yeljiir's disposition is contrasted by the Drow who worshipped him; battle-thirsty, fierce and ruthless. Yeljiir is a God known to give gifts in return for loyalty, but does not revoke them afterwards. He believes that no matter the deed done afterwards, the gift that was earned before should remain. This is the reason for the Drow's hardened skin; as a race, they earned that gift, and despite their partial abandonment when they were exiled, he refused to leave them defenseless in the Dark Plain. Secretly, Yeljiir has been trying to bring Xelveth back to the surface. Because of this, the God of Pride and Greed allows the Drow to continue to praise Yeljiir, but only as an ally of himself and not as a separate God.

Ulbanor, God(dess) of Wealth

Ulbanor is a curious being, existing as both God and Goddess according to what people want. As the primary deity of Human's, Ulbanor takes both the shape of a male and female in statues carved; half of the body male, and half female. (S)He is known to bestow enormous amounts of wealth on people who rarely deserve it, and then take it away at his/her whim. Those who please Ulbanor are known to be given fortunes, among other gifts.

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