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 Accepted: B.I.O.S:Van

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PostSubject: Accepted: B.I.O.S:Van   Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:59 pm

Name: Van
Gender: Male
Faction: Dark Plain
Race: Drow
Age: 23
Path: Rogue
Rank: 1st Division
Height: 6'6

Personality: He loves getting into trouble and dragging others down with him. He's quite friendly but tends to play pranks on every one. The only person he won't play a prank on would be Val'Thaeiv because he got drunk once and promised not to anymore and he always keeps his promises for the most part. Of course like all others, he's loyal to his new god Xelveth. He prefers using his daggers that are strapped around his waist for everything. He has no intentions of taking an apprentice it's much too troublesome for him to put in the effort of teaching someone else. Usually he wanders off somewhere but can be found near the marketplace or around Val'Thaeiv.
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Accepted: B.I.O.S:Van
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