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 Accepted: B.I.O

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PostSubject: Accepted: B.I.O    Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:17 am

Character Name: Keldrin
Gender: Male
Faction: Dark Plain
Race: Moon Elf
Age: 16
Path: Cleric
Rank: Novice/Apprentice

Description: With the height of 5’3, Keldrin was petite for a male since the average was 5’11. One dark rune tattooed onto his light whitish purple skin on his dominant left hand to help channel magic. He liked keeping his long light blue almost white hair in a high pony tail, tying it with a lavender ribbon. His eyes pale whitish blue eyes with unseeing pupils would not usually be seen as he liked to keep his eyes shut as much as possible.
Because of his delicate features and lack of sight, he decided not to go on the paths that required him to be physically stronger, thus he took the path of a cleric.

Personality: He doesn’t like being around others and very few people give him the time of day; one being his teacher, so it was perfect for him. With a stubborn and most of the time rude attitude, he offends many people. He is usually found meditating. Keldrin trusts only his teacher and is only loyal to his god Xelveth.

Other: The reason for his distrust for others started when he was younger. He was and sometimes still is constantly bullied for his size but he makes up for it with his ambition.
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Accepted: B.I.O
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