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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:27 am

Please note, that I, as the Admin, will very rarely be posting as Xelveth (I reserve this right, as I am the Admin and this is my site). His posts will be in red (Provided on Plot). He is a God that speaks to his people, and so if someone questions Him, He will respond. I will be the only one who will be posting as him, unless certain events call for someone else to play as a second God.

A note regarding the use of the original Drow language, Under Dark;
Because of the fact that Under Dark is an ancient, lost language, not every character will be allowed to use it. It was an idea that Knil thought up, and though there are translators available on the web, both her and I ask that youdo not use them to speak Under Dark, only to translate. If you wish for your character to able to speak it, please contact either myself (AdminKohr) or Knil, and we will discuss with you about it. Again, Under Dark is an ancient language, so don't expect us to say yes if your character is 18 years old or less.

  1. Please respect all members. This is a friendly environment and we wish it to stay that way.

  2. Do not godmod*, powerplay or spam any of the boards. Godmodding will have one exception and one exception only; if a member asks another member to godmod and is given the okay. We ask you to please contact an Admin if you intend to do this, so that an account suspension will not be administered.

  3. This site is rated 15+, however please bear in mind younger members may join. Violence and gore is allowed, but refrain from using major offensive swears while posting. Minor swearing is perfectly fine, just don't go completely out of control and have more swears than actual words in your posts. (Refer to Rule 6)

  4. Please do not double post. Long responses are encouraged however posting many times in a row will be considered spam. If you wish to add to or change your post, please click the 'Edit' button.

  5. The staff will consist of members we trust and are worthy of the staff position. Please do on ask to become a Moderator, the answer will be no.

  6. If temporarily leaving, please use the 'Absences' forum; list the date you are leaving and for approximately how long.

  7. **Certain characters hold certain personality traits, and so swearing on a role play board will not be met with punishment. However, any discriminating comments outside the RP will not be tolerated.

  8. This is a literate role play site. Please refrain from ** and/or -- to depict actions. Please refrain from using chat speak at any time.

  9. Because this site is rated 15+, no detailed sexual posts. If you wish to do so, please use private messages.

  10. Here in the world of Anin'Toril, there is no character limit. However, we ask that you only make as many characters as you can handle.

  11. Death is a natural part of life. If you wish to kill off a character, please inform an Admin or Moderator beforehand.

  12. All role plays are done in third person narrative.

  13. If you will be leaving for an extended period of time, please check the Calender when you return, as major plot points will be created as an event on there, so you will be aware of what has happened while you have been away, and so can post accordingly.

  14. Role-plays here are in liquid time; in other words, your character may be in more than one place at the same time.

  15. As this is a 'universe' with Gods, if your character is praying to them for healing, a favour, for strength, please respond in a way that would fit that God's persona. These will be posted in the 'Plot' forum, beneath the factions/races. For example, a God would not grant anything to someone who does not worship them. Some Gods are capricious, and won't grant favours, even if they are worshipped. If you need help, contact an Admin.

  16. Any and all scenarios that play out in the Training Encampment do not affect your character in the other forums. If you meet another character in the Training Encampment, your character will not know them in the forums until they meet them again. Any knowledge or friendships gained are negated once you start roleplaying. This keeps the roleplay environment fair.

    *for those who are not aware, godmodding is when you take control of another players character in your post, forcing them to do things they would not have done otherwise.
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